Sharing the Music

What is the Sharing the Music program?

Sharing the Music is a cooperative venture of the Shell Lake Arts Center and Keyboard Crafts of Shell Lake. It began in 2005 in a disorganized manner as a result of some donations of old pianos to the Arts Center. These pianos were reconditioned and then placed, for free, in several churches in the Gulf Coast area after Hurricane Katrina. The program has since grown and now offers tax deductions to donors under 501(c)3 status. Our mission is this: To promote music and music education through reconditioning high quality donated pianos, and placing them where they are needed but cannot be afforded.

As of 1/1/21 we have reconditioned and placed 34 pianos! These pianos have gone to Wisconsin, Minnesota, Mexico, and Gulf Coast states. And to organizations such as public schools (instruments for public performance and practice rooms), child care centers, Boys and Girls clubs, churches, private teaching studios, Art Conservatories, Nursing homes, an orphanage, the Shell Lake Arts Center itself, and others.

Donating a Piano

If you have an interest in donating a piano to Sharing the Music please contact:
Steve Carlson
Keyboard Crafts
N2296 Little Long Lake Road
Shell Lake, WI 54871

Pianos manufactured after 1970 and in reasonably good shape can be considered for donation.  We do not accept spinet pianos at this time.

Steve will arrange to assess your piano, and if suitable for donation, will arrange to pick it up for further assessment and restoration if needed. Keyboard Crafts will provide the Arts Center, a 501(c)3 organization, with an assessment of the piano's value for tax purposes and that information will be sent to you.

If you desire, we will provide the eventual recipient with your contact information, so they may contact you with their thanks.

Applying for or nominating someone for a piano

The mission of this program is to provide a piano to an organization or an individual who is in need a good, working piano. There is no cost to the recipient. Preference is given to institutions, organizations, churches or schools that will use them in a way that provides music to the widest number of people. Individual teachers, accompanists, and performers are also eligible.

Please mail the application (available for download below) to:
Sharing the Music
Shell Lake Arts Center
PO Box 315
Shell Lake, WI 54871


Download the Sharing the Music Application Here:  

Sharing the Music Application for 2019-20