Click here for our detailed Camp Safety Plan!

*These practices and procedures were developed in March 2021 based on the current guidelines available at the time. We will be continuously monitoring the guidance from our local and state health departments and CDC daily from now until the end of camp, and we will make modifications to the plan as needed based on their current recommendations. 


For more information:

CDC COVID-19 Guidelines

Wisconsin State Health Department COVID-19 Guidelines


Instrument Mask & Bell Cover Information

All students playing wind instruments will need an instrument-specific mask and bell cover. Links to purchasing options are below!


Torpedo Bags


Bell Covers 


Director's Assistant

Masks & Bell Covers


Moisture Guard

Bell Covers


Madisonelli Gardens & Boutique- Mary Madison

Masks & Bell Covers

Mary Madison is an alumni camper's parent who makes instrument masks and bell covers! There is no minimum quantity for an order and it's a fast turnaround. Reach out through the link above or to her email


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