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Student Camps & Workshops

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*Music Production Camp Weeks 2 and 4 are now closed for 
registration.  Please consider registering for Week 3*

*As of 5/29/18, BASS for Week I ONLY and PIANO for 
Week II ONLY are now full. All other instruments open
for both weeks*

*As of 6/11/18, PIANO for Jazz Improvisation & Combo
ONLY is closed for registrations.  All other instruments
are open at this time.


*As of 7/4/18, MALE registration for Concert Band Camp
WEEK I ONLY is closed.  Registration for males is still 
open for Week II.    

*Piano Camp Week I is now closed for registration as 
of 3/12/18.  Please consider registering for Week II!*




**Music Theatre Camp is now closed for registration
as of 6/1/18. Please consider registering for one of
our other camps.** 



Download Camp Handbook and Student Health Forms & Media Release here: