Tribute to the Big Bands Scholarship Benefit Concert


This benefit concert is held virtually via Facebook at 7:30 PM Wednesday, June 30, 2021. This is a free performance with virtual donations encouraged. All proceeds support student scholarships, providing a once-in-a-lifetime experience for campers.

Click here to view the performance live online

Donate during the performance via the Livestream or on PayPal from the link below:


"Amongst the many concerts that are performed by our students and faculty throughout the summer, the Tribute to the Big Bands is perhaps one of the most treasured. Shell Lake Jazz is proud to be the longest-running jazz camp for students and adults in the country. Over fifty years ago, founder Darrell Aderman’s vision for the Arts Center was that “every student has the opportunity to study with a master teacher”. The Arts Center asks you to consider supporting this vision by donating through our website, mail, or in person.  All donations this evening will be dedicated to scholarships for the students, ensuring that future generations of students will help to realize Darrell’s vision.

Tonight’s program will include some of the best-known hits of the Swing Era, as well as modern arrangements of classics to highlight their lasting appeal. A combination of Shell Lake faculty and members from the community, tonight’s ensemble is a collection of the finest educators and performers who believe in “paying it forward”, passing along what they know about music to new generations of students every day.

Today, the Arts Center has a network of over 30,000 alumni that includes many of the educators in the surrounding states, as well as professionals who have made their living creating the kind of music you will hear on this program. 

The African proverb “it takes a village to raise a child” could not be more relevant to how we operate at the Shell Lake Arts Center.  We thank all of the artists, educators, office administration and staff, and student helpers whose participation is paramount to our success.  We also thank the community for welcoming these people and our students, and local business who offer financial support crucial to our programming. As we plan for the future, the need for financial support to renovate and rebuild the facilities is an urgent mission.

This year, we celebrate fifty-four years of arts education at Shell Lake as we invite you to consider becoming an integral part of our future. Thanks for your interest in our programs and for attending the concert.  I sincerely hope you enjoy!"

- Tom Luer, Program Director