First Year Band Student Masterclass

First Year Band Masterclass at Shell Lake Arts Center

Thursday, April 22, 2021

$10 per student

The Masterclass program is designed for students who are completing their first year of band - regardless of the grade level.
The morning session is used for re-visiting all of the fundamentals:
    good posture / breathing / support
    good tone production
    correct hand and finger position
    articulation   ( is everyone tonguing )
The afternoon session will bring all of the students coming together for a full band rehearsal under the direction of Bill Simon.
Tentative Schedule for the Day
Registration          9:30
AM sessions          10:00 music is provided
lunch                   12:00 (students need to bring a sack lunch)
Concert seating    12:30
Rehearsal             1:00  music is provided
Departure             3:00
Please contact the Shell Lake Arts Center for more information, or to register your students by emailing, or by calling 715-468-2414.  Further information for the event will be sent out to teachers in early 2021.