Music Production Faculty

Jacob Carlson is a professional audio engineer and musician from Madison, Wisconsin. He discovered his love for music and recording at the age of 10 when a close friend’s father built a recording studio in their house. Many hours were spent in that room and it didn’t take long before Jacob picked up a guitar and his first recording rig. Currently residing in Minneapolis, Jacob makes his living as studio manager and head engineer at Defhaus Studios. Jacob graduated from McNally Smith College of Music in 2015 (Bachelor's in Music Production) and has since worked with musicians from many different facets, from pop/rock stars such as Kat Perkins (The Voice, Season 6) and Justin Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack) to jazz greats like Chris Lomheim and Brian Nichols. In addition to running a recording studio, Jacob works as a freelance engineer at various other world-class studios in the Minneapolis area, filling the rest of his time teaching guitar lessons, playing in bands, and working as an instrument tech for national touring artists. Jacob is excited to be starting the recording program at SLAC and hopes he can pass on knowledge and passion of the recording arts to many campers for years to come!