Painting & Drawing Faculty

Ed Krejcie is a seasoned artist and teacher of 20 years. He is currently employed in the Appleton Area School District visual arts department and owns his own small business, Art Ed Creative Works LLC. He is tirelessly passionate about teaching and making art which is what makes him such a well-respected teacher and artist in the Fox Valley. While many artists are tied to a few specific media, Ed takes pride in being proficient in a variety of mediums, techniques, and styles. Media and techniques  includes most painting, drawing, printing, collage, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry making, and even blacksmithing. When given the choice of style, Ed is most fond of abstract and organic creations, although symbolism and realism also reside in his wheelhouse. In Ed's actual residence he enjoys life as a husband to his wife Karen, and as a father to his three beautiful kids. Family is a recurring theme in his artwork and family is where his love for automobiles is rooted as well. Not coincidentally, automobilia and hot rod related themes show up in his artwork as well. As if the aforementioned isn't enough, Ed serves on school board where his kids attend, volunteers as Community Liaison for Appleton Makerspace, and is an active member of the Ratbastards Fox Valley Car Club.